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Key Concepts

Why you need a Success Mindset Coach?

Modern coaching started in sport. It revolutionised athletes physical performance by taking away mental interference ie. the personal barriers in your mind.

Coaching is now widely used in the any industry to increase performance in individuals, talents, groups etc..

Some people often assume they can't ask for help. This limits their performance. Great achievements in any walk of life without a coach or mentor is almost impossible because the same mind that creates a problem cannot solve it.

Personal coaching creates a safe space where you can take stock of what's going well, identify what you would like to change and then create a plan of action.

Personal coaching is often offered to individuals in the same way that gym membership is - the fitter the team to do the job the better they will perform.

The content of the coaching session is always confidential but the results are often very apparent. Its all about identifying mind blocks, increasing self confidence, developing better attitude and focusing at the bigger picture.

Coaching brings performance

By transforming the critic in your head you are free to do what you could not before.

Coaching opens up options

When you are stuck, coaching will reveal a surprising number of alternative pathways.

Coaching increases your energy

Instead of pursuing dull but worthy objectives, you will be able to move forward.

Coaching helps you take control

Manage yourself and your work. By developing your own authority you become author of your own ideas, your own words, your own deeds.

Coaching brings change

It creates results and performance.

We have designed this process because it helps you to improve the performance you need to improve your life. This programme is aimed at aligning strengths, passions, values and results in improved performance based on greater creativity.

Our approach to coaching is rigorously client-centred, co-creative, non-directive and holistic.

Our in house coach is among the very best in the world - highly trained, gifted and experienced professional coach who is totally committed to clients.
Our expertise lies in co-creating with our clients the conditions in which they can truly flourish.We offer a powerful professional relationship characterised by:

* An active client-to-client partnership which supports, challenges and empowers
* Unwavering focus on the clients agenda (not on the coaches agenda for the talent)
* Profound and empathic listening
* Acute questioning
* Mature and accurate perception, understanding and reflection
* Non-judgemental clarity of thinking
* Self-awareness, integrity, congruence and honesty
* Respect and valuing of the client as they are and as they wish to be

Our clients: in this powerfully supportive and challenging relationship our clients get in touch with the very best in themselves. They become highly self-aware and think extremely clearly, letting go of old impediments and releasing blocked energy. They resolve personal conflicts and integrate new understanding, tapping into their own wisdom. They liberate creativity and new choices and move into more and more intelligent and productive action.


When you work with us you are engaging with an organisation that will put your interests first and has the knowledge, wisdom and experience to help you achieve your goals, no matter how big the challenge.

To book our certified (From Europes Leading Coaching Academy in Bonn) Success Mindset coach, Sama Ndango, for greater achievement,

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