Key Concepts


Sama Ndango is an award winning artist and celebrity coach bringing an unprecedented blend of music, fashion and performance to the stage in an altogether explosive show packed with positive energy and a highly motivational message for the masses (fans).

His “FixIT” concept is all about empowering people to believe in and express themselves and he proposes a stylish blend of high-quality music, comedy, and trendy fashion that is meant to uplift fans.

Sama Ndango was born in Bamenda, Cameroon, did his studies in Sacred Heart College Mankon, and has a Masters in ICT from the University of Dortmund in Germany, as well as a Diploma in Life Coaching in London.  He has been through a challenging life both at home and from an extensive stay in Europe and by being a survivor of tremendously challenging experiences and circumstances, he enhanced his knowledge, developed his gifts and fashioned his entire mission and as an artist, life coach and motivator and now has a vision to entertain 6 Billion people in his lifetime with his message of self-peace, positivism and people empowerment, should God permit.

As an artist and showman, Sama Ndango and his FixIT act is known to rock a crowd non-stop with an eclectic blend of entertainment styles that keeps the crowd positively uplifted and ultimately super-satisfied.


Right now with the release of the hit single “FixIt anthem”, he introduces his FixIT concept to the world in a stylish manner with a high-powered Afro-pop tune set to get people dancing and affirming to themselves that “anything that you want you can…FIX IT”.  He is set to hit the road with a series of international appearances around Cameroon, Africa, Europe, The Golf, and America, to bring the “FixIT Swag” to the world.